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The OCR application creates a searchable PDF or an editable file when scanning printed documents at the multifunction printer (MFP).
Today, businesses of all sizes struggle to create searchable data and editable content from unstructured source materials, like invoices, contracts and job applications. Many resort to inefficient and error-prone manual solutions, like rekeying, in order to get this information into their systems.
To put the problem into perspective, the average knowledgeable worker spends nearly nine hours a week searching for information and six hours creating content, costing a business an average of $23,897 a year
Reduce the amount of time spent searching for information and creating documents
Customers can quickly and easily access digitized information
Requires no desktop or server-based solution, which is very important for our small and medium business customers
OCR solution that could easily scale from desktop MFPs, all the way to departmental devices, without the need for servers or desktop software installation
Allows the device to easily and quickly generate full text searchable documents

Lexmark’s AccuRead OCR takes the errors out of unstructured content