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DigiFort Comprehensive Maintenance Scheme (DCMS)

Complete one stop printing solution for your office. DigiFort as a Lexmark Value Print Partner, a partner with a global leader in output management solutions, we are as committed to help our customers get the most out of their printing investments.

We understand the complexity of your business needs, and DigiFort Customer Care Service is committed to deliver fast problem resolution and customized programs to help keep your business up & running, smoothly and profitably. From basic service coverage to comprehensive support, DigiFort offers a range of plans to meet the specific demands of your output environment and reduce costly printer downtime.

Under DCMS, we assure you that you will get to lease the most suitable machine that we can offer and together we will also offers you our complete maintenance package. In this maintenance package, we provides full onsite service for a period of 3 or 5 years, replacement of all wear & tear parts, full consumable supplies, training and installation services.

In addition, our machines are equipped with Lexmark Auto Alert System. With this system, it automatically inform our service centre of your service and supplies requirements. Thus with this system you will get a more proactive service, which means you will have lesser downtime due to supplies or machine breakdown.

Under our maintenance package we offer Genuine Lexmark replacement parts which has been proven in many situation that it can drastically reduce costs and service calls to ensure optimal printer performance.

Description of Program
For this program, we include:

Brands we carry:
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Other Plan Available:

1. installation for all new equipment purchased from us
2. Setup of Advance Automated Alerts Machines are built with sensors and when any of the supplies hits designated level it will ''''automatically send our Service Centre a notification email.

a. Automated Supplies warning
b. Automated Equipment Health Check
c. Automated Error warning

3. Onsite Servicing & Maintenance

a. All servicing and maintenance will be done onsite
b. On receiving ad hoc request from end user, our service team will respond within 4 hours
c .All normal wear & tear parts will be replaced at no cost to end user.

4. Updates of Device Firmware

a. All updates will be provided to end user Free.

Benefit of Program
1. Proper machine installation are ensured by our qualified Engineers
2. With our Automated Alerts, we will be able

a. to detect possible errors prior to machines breaking down
..........i. No more down time
b. to send you the required supplies only when it’s necessary
..........i. No more wasting space to stock up supplies
c. to better monitor all the errors that you have encountered
..........i. better position to advise remedies

3. Free Supplies of Consumables

a. No more wasting time to source for consumables